Right after graduating at in Milan's ISTITUTO EUROPEO di DESIGN in 1987 with the highest votes, Costanza started a freelance activity for Publishers and Advertising Agencies. She is currently drawing illustrations mainly with computer support, where brush lines adds color to a variety of styles, often in flat tints with strong colors, collage style and mixed techniques. Costanza's skills includes traditional techniques from acrylic to collage, scraperborad, frottage as well as extensive use of mixed techniques. She collaborated with multiple magazines including Bella and Bella's Agenda specializing in illustrations for practical tips and creative ideas, while mere recently she has undertaken a collaboration with Donna Moderna curating different headlines from 2006 to date. For magazines she illustrates various subjects such as costume, society and fashion, travel, psychology, horoscopes, beauty and fitness. Costanza has been part of the Board of Directors of Associazione Illustratori Italiani also serving as Vice President.


Select and enlarge the previews where available and look at how much the artwork can change the spirit of a living space!

  • Aprile
  • Caffettiera notte
  • Faces
  • I love Milano
  • Italia texture
  • La tana
  • Merendopoli
  • Miami carnet
  • Parete cornici
  • Profumo di moda
  • Quadro
  • Ragazze
  • Vintage project cornici
  • Ricetta estate
  • Sapori e colori
  • Street story
  • Viaggio in Italia
  • Vintage project 1
  • Vintage project 2
  • Vintage project 3

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